What separates Winners from everyone else?

Unlock your true potential with this comprehensive guide to peak performance.

Train your skills, train your body, now it’s time to train your mind

Ricky Ponting

Till this day I still use it before every game.

Faf du Plessis
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A summation of mental toughness, concentration, facing your fears and overcoming adversity.

Brett Lee

Not only am I bowling better, I am loving my bowling now, more then ever.

Kuldeep Yadav
Praise for The Winner’s Mindset
Authentic perspective

It is written from an authentic perspective and has real life relatable learnings

Nikhil Arora
Former VP International GoDaddy
Eye opening

Shane has put it in a way that can reach a new young demographic. I purchased it for my son (cricketer) and read it myself (Musician) solid.

Steve Balbi
Former Noiseworks Bass Guitarist and Song writer
The mental game

Mastering the mental game is often the difference between winning and losing in sport and in life.

Mike Hussey
Australian Cricket Hall of Fame
Full of insights

A brilliant insight into the power of the conscious v unconscious mind in the context of Cricket.

Greg Blewett
Former Australian Cricketer
All about mental skills

Mental skills is not talked about enough in cricket. I swear by this book.

Will Sutherland
Current Captain of Victorian Cricket Team
For high pressure situations

The book has truly transformed my mental game. It taught me key processes and invaluable skills to execute in high pressure situations.

Rachin Ravindra
New Zealand’s 2023 World Cup Star
Game changer

It was a game changer for me. Some of these mental processes has had a very positive effect on many facets of my life

Mark Howard
Fox Sports Broadcaster
A must read!

This is a must read for any cricketer wanting to be the best they can be

Justin Langer
Cricket Legend and current Head Coach of Lucknow SuperGiants
The Winner's Mindset launched in India

Winner's Mindset is an ultimate guide to changing your mindset and achieving success every time from a world class cricketer, for fans of James Nestor, and David Goggins.

The book is now live in India for his fans from his time playing in the IPL, where he was twice named the Player of the Tournament (2008 and 2013) and was part of the championship-winning teams in 2008 and 2018.

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A bit more about me

Shane Watson has achieved most things on the cricket field. Two World Cups, two IPL titles, two IPL MVP's, two Allan Border Medals, one PSL title and one PSL MVP as well as an Ashes Series Win.

Now he is turning his attention to helping the next generations of cricketers coming through using all of his knowledge that he has gained throughout his life.

The number one way he is doing this is through his mental skills book, The Winners Mindset. Shane gives every cricketer, old or young, any coach or parent, the framework and simple tools to understand how to bring the very best version of you to every performance.

As Brett Lee says, 'I have no doubt in my mind that this book will be able to help the current crop of cricketers and all future generations to come.'

Shane is in demand all around the world as a cricket coach and mental skills coach. His mental skills workshops educates people on the critically important life skills that every human needs, to bring the best version of themselves to every performance.

Shane's keynotes are something very special as well. Not just are they motivational but they are also actionable, which is a very rare combination.

If you would like to reach out to Shane for any more information on any of this, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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The Winner’s Mindset

The ultimate guide to changing your mindset and achieving success every time from a world class cricketer, for fans of James Nestor, David Goggins and Jay Shetty

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Lessons Learnt with the Greats

Lessons Learnt with the Greats gets inside the minds of the greatest cricketers the world has ever seen. These amazing insights dive into the technical, mental and fitness side of cricket, the media, the investment and business aspects of their life as well as general life lessons that we all can learn from.

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Reviews for The Winner’s Mindset
Ideal gift for developing cricketer.

Purchased as gift for 17 year old regional A Grade cricketer grandson, who is starting to realise the necessity for mental preparation for every ball faced or bowled. Ideal presentation to encourage his embracing your approach.

David McConachy
Must read for traders

Whether you are a cricketer or a trader like me, Shane Watson has written a gem. I remember reading that the mindset that a trader brings to the market decides his level of success not the level of his skills , just like Shane has underlined throughout this gem. Thanks Shane

Eye opening

Best mindset book I’ve come across. It was so eye opening I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the best batters in the world haven’t read this book.

Craig Lynes

Relatable to many sports do yourself a favour and read this cover to cover then everytime you need a check up from the head up

Winning the inner battle

Still not finished the book but think it is interesting. I'm a 50 year old park cricketer who is keen to try out some of the suggestions....all of it still applies, I've made all the noted mental mistakes all my life, so has all of the team! Already trying some of the suggestions playing social golf.

Matthew Collins
Amazing insights into when sports psychology meets an Australian legend.

Amazing insights into when sports psychology meets an Australian legend. Bought this for my son and am so glad I did :)

Stephen Moore
I heard about it on radio

Sport and life are as much about mastery of mind as body. Great sportsman must have great mastery of the mind. Your book puts it together in a logical way. I have been looking for something like this book for a long time.

John Elliott

I have already seen the good this work by Shane Watson is doing with a group of girls playing now. It has always been that while skills are vital, the real champions are made by the heart and the head. The Mindset of those who have read or are reading the 4 copies I purchased has already shifted and on field performance has demonstrated this very clearly.

Tony McQuillan
Transformation in progress!

Dear Shane,
The improvement in (16yo) Sam's cricket was obvious very quickly. Your message helped massively from simple things like improving his preparation for games through to being less results driven and focusing on the process. The result is consistency in performance, enjoyment of the game and a new found belief that he has the tools now, and a foundation to build on. This is not confined to his cricket either, and we are seeing really positive changes in his approach to school also - he is 'taking control' and we are really proud of him and the progress he is making . Thanks for sharing your journey and for giving others all the tools to succeed.
Kind regards

Insightful and Practical

I have read a great many sport related "inner battle" books. After a point they can be much of a muchness. This book is clearly an exception to that rule. I have found it insightful and practical and have started implementing many of its principles. Its principles extend well beyond cricket; into other sports and to everyday life. I commend it to anyone who is a student of the topic.

Peter Riley
Excellent Title- conveys the meaning well!

A true description of an elite player’s journey. Most people forget that clarity of mind is as important as the proficiency of game. Well written! Not even a single thing in the book is fake! Excellent! Ashok

Ashok Jain