Shane Watson has achieved most things on the cricket field. Two World Cups, two IPL titles, two IPL MVP's, two Allan Border Medals, one PSL title and one PSL MVP as well as an Ashes Series Win.

Now he is turning his attention to helping the next generations of cricketers coming through using all of his knowledge that he has gained throughout his life.

One way is through his mental skills book, Winning the Inner Battle. Shane gives every cricketer, old or young, any coach or parent, the framework and simple tools to understand how to bring the very best version of you to every performance. 

As Brett Lee says, 'I have no doubt in my mind that this book will be able to help the current crop of cricketers and all future generations to come.'

Shane is in demand all around the world as a cricket coach and mental skills coach. His mental skills workshops educates people on the critically important life skills that every human needs, to bring the best version of themselves to every performance.

Shane's keynotes are something very special as well. Not just are they motivational but they are also actionable, which is a very rare combination.

One other way Shane is giving back to the game that he loves so much is through T20 Stars, his cricket equipment business. He is giving access to all cricketers who want to buy great quality cricket equipment for the most affordable prices possible. Shane despises that a lot of current cricket brands charge ridiculous prices for their cricket gear, which is turning cricket into an elitist sport in various parts of the world. Shane dreams of having a world where great quality cricket equipment is accessible to everyone who is starting their cricket journey or wants to stay in the game they love, as it was for him coming through the ranks.

If you would like to reach out to Shane for any more information on any of this, please don't hesitate to contact us.